Asperger, hfa, alternative online schools

Are there alternatives to school for kids with high functioning autism and or aspergers?
Yes there are several different alternatives to regular public school for kids and teens with Aspergers and HFA.
Anyone can use the following alternatives
Online school
there are also Public Schools specifically for kids and teens with Aspergers, High Functioning Autism, and Autism.

How do I find these special public schools?
Use your favorite search engine and look up “Asperger schools” than the name of your state. There are a lot more of these schools than you would think and I’ve only heard good things about them.

What is home school?
Home schooling is school at home. You have to provide your own curriculum which is easy to do since there are plenty of sources to choose from. There are cons to homeschooling, but the pros highly outweigh the cons.
Not being lost in the shuffle of thousands of kids in the school district
Being able to choose your own curriculum
Learning in a much smaller environment
Not having to deal with the excessive bullying & confusing social skills that are expected in public schools
Being able to set your own school schedule
A much better learning environment
Not a pre-built in social group. You can find homeschool groups, if no groups already exist near you just make your own at You can always enroll your child with a group like boys and girls club, various interest clubs, boy scouts, girl scouts, etc.

Why is the right school so important?
Because kids who have disabilities including Aspergers, High functioning Autism, and autism can learn much better in a non-hostile environment.
This may or may not surprise you, some special education teachers at regular Public schools are not nice to children on the spectrum. I speak from personal experience.

Online school is a new form of medium where you can learn at home online. I guess it is a new form of Home schooling. I don’t know too much about it, but here are some links

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