Self expression with Aspergers, High functioning Autism, and Autism.

Many people who don’t know or understand those with Aspergers, HFA, or Autism may say we don’t have a way to appropiately express ourselves. That is untrue on the most part, actually almost everyone I’ve met has some outlet of expressing their self may that be from painting, drawing, swimming, etc.

People with Aspergers aren’t that much different than people without Aspergers except that we look at the world from a very different viewpoint, everyone sees it a bit different but aspergers and HFA really make the world different or so I am told. I don’t know anything different than the way I’ve seen things my whole life, but other people find the way I see things and the way my friends see things quite different.

I encourage parents, teachers, anyone who may have an influential impact on someone who has or may have Aspergers, HFA, or autism to try to see what outlet they may like to use for self expression. Drawing is a very popular one, so I’d suggest trying that first, but really all you need to be is nice and accepting.  Please don’t treat us like we’re something strange, because we’re not and that’s just mean.

I may ask some of my HFA and aspie pals to help me write a better post on self expression in the future.

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