aspergers,HFA, tantrums, and reading minds

Why do people on the autism spectrum fall apart, blow up, yell, etc?
There are several answers to this so to save time I’ll just cover the most common reasons that I know of.
You think that your parent or someone else can read your mind, so when what you wanted to do doesn’t happen you get very upset, because they knew. In reality the person on the autism spectrum whether that be Aspergers, HFA, or autism truly believes that you knew what they had planned because you can read minds. Everyone I’ve encountered with aspergers believes or has believed at one point or another that certain people could read their mind, so they don’t verbalize what they want to do since you should already know.

Another common issue is misinterpeting things that are said. This happens a lot because people use figures of speech a lot which don’t make much sense, or people joke without saying they’re joking. I run into this issue a lot!!

This goes along with thinking people can read minds(even though you can’t) you think that someone knows what’s upsetting you, yet they’re not doing anything about it, so you blow up in full scale anger because you knew that so & so is mean to me(even though you’ve never mentioned that person before. They can read your mind so why haven’t they said anything!!)

Sensory overload is another issue for getting real upset. The wrong smell, touch, anything sensory can overload your mind & you just melt down. The best thing to do during a situation like this is to desensitize. I’ll write about desensization later.
Why do we believe you can read minds?
I honestly can’t explain that, all I know is that’s the way its always been in my mind & everyone else I’ve talked to. It would make sense that your parents could read your mind sense sometimes they know what your going to do before you do it.

Well, this is all I have for you in this entry. I’ll be writing on desensization soon. You will find this technique very helpful.

written by an aspie.

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