Aspergers sensory overload and how to prevent an overload

What is sensory Desensitizing?

Sensory desensitizing is something you can do when you have taken in way too much sensory and your mind is overloading.

How do you desensitize?

It varies from circumstance to circumstance and what you are trying to desensitize from. I don’t last long at trade conventions with 10,000 people in one room because to me it is like 100,000 people. My Asperger mind is trying to process everything that is going on, sound, touch, smell, lights, etc. I know that doesn’t sound like much to the normal mind but it is actually quite a lot. When your brain processes every piece of information seperately and you are unable to “block out” sound it is incredibly insane.
At trade conventions I get in the elevator go to the highest level of the building possible where very few if any people are, sit down and just sit. My mind is going so fast it is like the twister from the movie “Twister”. If I sit in silence for a little while my brain starts to get back to it’s normal self and then I can re-engage in the sensory overload(It isn’t wise to go back into an area that overloads you sensory wise so shortly after desensitizing. I only do it because, well I have more stuff to do and see and I am stubborn.)

Sensory desensitizing from touch is a totally different thing. I hate being touched, I can’t explain why it just is…. creepy. I am not that great at sensory desensitization. I usually calm down from being touched by not being touched for a while and just chill out. I deal with touch much better than some people, but I still dislike it (excluding kissing).

How do you desensitize from taste?

I am sorry, but I can’t answer that one. I mix the weirdest things together like lemon juice and milk and then drink it. I am not one who has a major problem with taste, except for tomato pulp.

How do you desensitize from just being around a few people if it drives you nuts?

I listen to music, play games, do anything to distract myself.
Note: Anything you read in this blog portrays to my experiences and is not “expert” advice. I can not guarantee any tips, information, or anything that I post on here will work for an Aspie, HFA, or someone with Autism, or for that fact any person spectrum or non-spectrum.

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