You can’t catch Aspergers!

Some people think that you can catch disabilities or syndromes, so I am writing this blog to help people.

Why isn’t Aspergers contagious?

A better question would be “How could Aspergers be contagious?” The answer to both of those questions is that it isn’t contagious because it’s not a virus or a bacteria, as far as I understand Aspergers has to do with the neurological setup in the mind, which is in no way contagious.

What disabilities can I catch?

You can’t catch a disability, disabilities like Aspergers, Seizures, Cerebal Palsy, Autism, etc. all have to do with how the individuals body was designed differently than someone elses body, except for seizures they can be triggered from accidents. As far as I know there isn’t a disability that you can “Catch”, you can catch an illness like polio, menagitis, etc, which can lead to causing you to have a disability, but you can’t catch a disabilty from someone who has a disability. Please research things instead of jumping to conclusions.

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