4th of July, an aspergers, HFA, Autism nightmare.

This post is about sensory overload which has to do with 4th of July, well firecrackers to be exact.
Many people on the autism spectrum don’t like 4th of July, because of the insane sound. I, personally can handle the sound of firecrackers, yet I can’t handle the flashing fireworks which try to copy, oh a flying bird. Those put me into a seizure, which is a seperate issue that I have. so I’m dreading the 4th, yet at the same time I can’t wait for it. Yes I know very contradictary, but I dread and love this holiday, because of the beauty of the art that firecrackers make in the sky. It is the ultimate art piece I’ve ever seen in my life.
Anyways a happy 4th of July too you, and for those who can’t handle firecrackers leave home during that time and go somewhere calmer. You could also wear noise cancelling headphones, those may help. Anyways have a good 4th!

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