perhaps the greatest painter of all time– impressionist van gogh

This post isn’t about aspergers, its about something I have a passion for and that is impressionisim. I’ve never done anything near as good as van gogh since I just started painting in impressionistic form.
Impressionisim isn’t about realisim, its more about painting what’s real within your soul, what your eyes really see, the feelings, emotions, places and things that represent what you’re painting.

Who wants to look at photos of yet another parrott? Every impressionisistic picture says something different, it can bring tears to your eyes, it can let you see things in a new light, or you may not understand the complexity and meanings painted within the image & think its junk. For those who think that, well I feel extremely, extremely, sorry for you.
Just a suggestion, also take in mind this is just my opinion & may not be good for others. Use the following suggestion at your own risk.

Just once get a canvas, or good thick painting paper. Oils or acrylic paints, whichever is best for your paper.
If you dare, paint your emotions, dig deep into your soul & paint what you feel.

I am sharing what I like to do.

I hope to follow up with more impressionisim painting opinions, or possibly share one of mine with you.

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3 thoughts on “perhaps the greatest painter of all time– impressionist van gogh

  1. Artswebshow says:

    Is it safe to come in?
    I actually agree with you on impressionism.
    I’ve done a few impressionist style pieces myself.
    But the van gogh statement is not something you can back up.
    It’s your opinion.
    An opinion i fifty percent share

    • No, I can’t back up that van gogh is the best painter. That is my opinion. Not sure what you meant by “is it safe to come in?” If you were referring to all my ending remarks, those are purely so people know what they do is up to them & I stated it. I like putting disclosures, I don’t always but I still like to put them when I remember.

  2. anita51 says:

    Van Gogh, el pintor más enigmático de todos los tiempos ,maravilloso por siempre!!

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