Echolalia and the Autisim Spectrum.

What is Echolalia?

Simple, Echolalia is repeating what you hear, although when it is repeated it may not fit the context of the conversation whatsoever. Echolalia, is as real as anything else, and no you can’t catch it!

I can tell you the loss of energy when it is being transmitted, this mostly relates to generators or power cells. You probably wouldn’t know that 67 percent of the energy is lost and that you only get maximum amount of 33 percent of the electricity.
How do I know that? Well, I am interested in science, engineering and all that stuff, but a friend told me this fact and I haven’t forgotten it. I am not going to say I remember everything, because that is a total lie, but I can tell you trivial facts like the fattest man in the world weighed 1200 pounds before he lost 600 pounds, or that a man in china can conduct electricity out of his hands and cook a fish in two minutes with just his bare hands. I could go on and on and on, but I won’t. I am trying to make my point clear. Echolalia is when you hear or read something and then just spontaneously repeat it at random moments. You can sound like a genius, but if you were asked more facts on the subject you may not know the answer..

Echolalia isn’t always  brilliant comments, someone may randomly say a line from a movie, say something that sounds really odd when they’re just repeating something from a TV show.  I hope this helps explains what Echolalia is. Here is a link to wikipedia on  echolalia, which claims it is a speech disorder…. which I guess is true.

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One thought on “Echolalia and the Autisim Spectrum.

  1. loubyjo says:

    WOW SO GLAD I READ THIS I LOVE FINDING OUT OBSCURE facts but as you said when people ask, me more dont know it it takes over my i life really but then again never bored

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