why isnt everyone literal??

Why isn’t everyone literal? A literal world would be an ideal world in my mind. Less confusion, no figures of speech, more accurate communication, basically a better world for all.
How is literal better?
Keep in mind this is only my opinion, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever when people use a swear word before a verb. The only time to use such a word before a verb is if you actually mean the literal meaning of the word.
When people say things like “were burning daylight”, it doesn’t make sense. You can’t burn daylight, the sun setting & rising has to do with the rotation of the earth. Jokes, or should I say the verbal chokes make no sense to me. The reason I say that is because some jokes like “how did the square become a circle?” “It cuts corners”, is incorrect. There are so many mistakes made in the world because people are sometimes literal, sometimes not. Knowing the difference from when someones being literal or illiteral is very hard. No wonder we have so many wars in the world. Literal is better, no matter how you cut it. Jokes still exist, literal jokes. You aren’t getting rid of anything, except miscommunication so your just making the world a better place by being literal.

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