Life with Aspergers

Man, this is a question that drives me crazy and I hear it a lot, so today I’ll answer it for the whole world. Before I answer this question I would like to point out that I don’t have pure Aspergers. I have P.D.D(Pervasive Development Disorder) which should soon be changed to Autisim Spectrum Disorder in the dsm V. A life on the Autism Spectrum can be aggravating at times, but I am sure a normal life can also be aggravating. Why is a life on the Autism Spectrum aggravating, frustrating, and sometimes feels like the world is upside down? Because of Social cues, Social skills, Figures of speech, Jokes, figuring out if something is a compliment or a diss, the list goes on. My mind is very literal, a lot of my friends are very literal too, so when jokes come into play being literal goes out the window, unless it is a literal joke. People that are considered normal somehow know when certain social cues are supposed to be used, when jokes are jokes, when compliments are actually compliments, I have to ask…. No it isn’t fun to ask a Voice Over Director “was that a joke?” or “is that a compliment?” because you hear everyone laugh and they’re response goes something like “yes, of course it was a joke/compliment.” It is better to ask and possibly be laughed at than to respond with the wrong social response, that I know for a fact.
I go to great lengths trying to learn how normal people think and I will write a blog entry about that next, but even the most precise data collected, is not the same as having the instinct that tells you the automatic correct response. So what is Aspergers like? I think I summed that question up pretty well, but if you are still confused, I’ll sum it up in a few sentences. It is Really cool that I can learn so much on certain topics, but I find it insanely aggravating that despite my vast knowledge in certain areas, I lack the proper interaction sequences programmed into my mind to be able to interact with others on a ‘normal’ level. Not having these interaction sequences or social skills pre-programmed into my mind makes life a hell a lot more difficult at times, but even if there was a cure for Aspergers, I wouldn’t take it. I like my life, I am used to my life, I just need to learn more social skills and cues.

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One thought on “Life with Aspergers

  1. Chris Jesson says:

    A good blog post summing up some of the things that are close to home in my world too.

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