aspergers & neurotypicals: the language barrier.

Have you ever felt like your life is split into two factions, yet you don’t want there to be any factions ? When I say factions, I mean the way people with aspergers talk and the way neurotypicals talk. It feels like people who are normal speak in a different dialect of english and or any other language.

What am I talking about? I’m talking how people who are normal speak in illiteral phrases and literal phrases mixed all together.
Those who have aspergers think & speak more literally. Here is what happens when you mix neurotypical with a-typical and a cellphone together
Aspie: hello?
Neurotypical friend: hey man, how are you?
Aspie: fine.
Neurotypical friend: what are you doing?
Aspie: talking to you.
End of conversation.
The neurotypical person thinks you are being a smart aleck by answering what are you doing with talking to you. Your not being a smart aleck, your saying what your doing & the question is pointless since they called you and know that you are talking to them right now.
I’ve examined neurotypical people at great lengths & their form of communication is still baffling. I can explain what the person meant to say. Here is what they’re really trying to say.
Aspie: Hello?
Neurotypical friend: hey man, what has been going on in your life lately?
Aspie: oh, well I’m sick.
Neurotypical friend: oh, I’m sorry your sick. What were you doing before I called & or are still doing while talking to me?
Aspie: well, I’m trying to make dinner…
End conversation
As you can tell this is a much more productive conversation with sensible sentences, sadly this never happens in real life. Note that I put Neurotypical friend, that’s because you answer the original question how are you & what are you doing totally different to a stranger. Why can’t life be more sensible? Maybe because people think they are being sensible and to most people they are, but not to a-typical people.

The language barrier is a massive fight to overcome and I have to say I do understand people better than three years ago, but boy do I have a long way to go!!!
I’d like to hear comments on this, so please post.

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2 thoughts on “aspergers & neurotypicals: the language barrier.

  1. asdmommy says:

    I laughed out loud at the first example of a phone conversation, because my 9 year old says EXACTLY that in response to the “What are you doing?” question. “Just talking to you,” he always says, and it always makes me smile when I hear him say it to someone. He is without a doubt the most sensible person I know.

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