It is hard to hypnotize someone with aspergers syndrome, impossible to hypnotize those with autism

Update: I wrote a blog that explains this in more detail, but a hypnotist told me he can’t hypnotize anyone with pure autism and boy has he tried! it is hard to hypnotize those with aspergers, but he has done it.
Today I went to the fair & decided to attend a show with one of the hypnotizing wheels. This wheel was supposed to make you hallucinate if you looked at it because your brain gets tired of trying to process what’s happening. Well, while other people were marveled by the hallucinations I awas baffled why the wheel didn’t do anything to me. I spoke to the lady who was running the show & spinning the wheel and it came up in the conversation that I might be over stimulated and I said “yeah, I have aspergers.” Which followed into a conversation how the asperger mind doesn’t filter out anything, while the premise of the wheel is to tire out the filter in your mind to make you hallucinate. So, since people with aspergers cant filter things out the primordial wheel doesn’t work. This wasn’t a wheel to hypnotize you, like I said it was to make you hallucinate. If anyone with aspergers or on the spectrum has tried a hypnotisim wheel I’d like to hear what happened!
This is only my own experience & am not able to find anything stating that my conclusion is correct or incorrect.
Note: my true diagnosis isn’t aspergers it is P.D.D. Results may vary, I’m not responsible for anything that may happen when using such wheels.
I look forward to your comments!

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