Asperger syndrome mind– how autistic mind works

What do you mean, you don’t think exactly like me? Everyone thinks the same way, don’t they? This is the asperger mind-set, at least for me and others I know. We aren’t close minded it just makes sense to us that if we know something, everyone knows it. I’ve thought this way my whole life until the last year or so, where I’ve realized that everyone thinks differently and that’s what makes the world so great and confusing.
You may think that I’m arrogant or narrow minded, but I am not. I’ve had to learn that everyone has their own personal strengths and if they don’t know what I know, I have to be patient. You might want to ask a fellow aspie if they think like this. I bet they do, it is a very logical & literal point of view “if I know it than everyone knows it.”
I hope this has helped you see part of the aspergers mind. I’ve written some other posts on the aspie mind, but I plan on writing a lot more.
I love reading comments, so post away!

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