autism spectrum, sensory issues and the death touch.

When you are on the autism spectrum, you should be prepared for a world of sensory issues. Sensory is a major problem, because almost everything in life is sensory based whether it be smells, touch, taste, its all sensory. Everyone has different sensory issues, but there is therapy that can help your mind get used to some sensory problems. I believe the therapy I speak of is Occupational therapy, or it could be physical therapy. I believe both O.T and P.T are very important to anyone who is on the spectrum. Some people love hard sensory, like being hugged really hard, or for me I love noogies, you know when someone rubs their fist on your head? That’s the best feeling in the world for me! Everyone on the spectrum that I know of has at least one sensory feeling they hate, it might be a smell, touch, taste, or all of the above. I’m all of the above. When it comes to taste it is more about the texture than the actual taste.

I mentioned in the title of this blog post about the death touch. This sensory aggravation was made up between my sister & I eons ago. I find it funny that this simple sensory test can show if someone is on the autism spectrum, since everyone I’ve tested it on the spectrum freaks out including myself, while people not on the spectrum don’t experience any weird freaky feeling. I am worried to make a video of the death touch, because I don’t want bullies to use it on people. What it basically is, is moving your hand across someones arm almost touching them, but not touching them, which usually follows with the person screaming in shock of the weird feeling. It doesn’t hurt, it just feels like a ghost touched you.
I hope to write a more in depth article on sensory issues when I’m on my computer and not writing my posts from my phone, like I do for most of them.

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