Asperger syndrome sensory issues

Sensory issues are a big contributor in the world of Autism Spectrum problems. I am going to share my in depth knowledge of sensory issues, since I experience them almost everyday. Have you ever had a noogie? It is deep sensory pressure applied to your head that usually is used to be mean to someone, but I love it. Why do I love something everybody hates? That has a simple answer. Everyone on the spectrum has certain sensory feelings they HATE and can’t stand, while others have some that they LOVE!! Have you ever had someone complain about a certain food they hate? Let’s take Tomatoes for an example. They’re disgusting, all gooey and gut tasting!! Well, at least that’s how my body reacts. If you have a kid on the spectrum and they hate a lot of food it isn’t because they’re picky, its because how the texture feels in their mouth. Would you want to eat live worms? A lot of people despise noodles because they taste slimy like worms.

Okay, enough talk about food sensory, let’s get down to touch sensory. Touch sensory is the worst! Have you ever felt something crawl across your arm? NTs can handle that just fine, sure they may get freaked out a little, but that’s not how a lot of people on the Autism Spectrum take it. Let’s say someone touches your arm very gently, well you may react in what seems totally blown out of porportion, but in reality you are reacting to the sensory feeling you just felt. Certain feelings feel like something that doesn’t exist touched you and even after the person is no longer touching you, you still feel that creepy sensory sensation. Other feelings like deep sensory with combs and such can feel like needles combing across your arm. That is not a nice sensation!

I could go on and on about every type of Touch sensory there is, but I think I’ve gotten my point across. Smell sensory is really nasty. Have you ever been driving and someone says “do you smell that garbage?” And you sniff the air and say “No.” Than five miles later you see a trash bag on the side of the road. you may have trouble believing this, but people who are suffering from sensory overload can smell things, feel things, and taste things so much stronger than the average human. I’ve Theorised that in a really bad sensory overload people on the spectrum can sense things 100 to 200 times stronger than usual. I’ve come up with this number from my own personal sensory overloads. You might be wondering how a sensory overload happens. Its when you intake way too many senses at the same time or one sense a lot stronger than usual.

That brings me to auditory sensory. Have you ever seen someone covering their ears in a room where a lot of people are talking or somewhere music is playing? That’s because there is too much noise for their mind to process. Neurotypicals are able to filter out sound among other things. Those on the Autism Spectrum cannot. We hear, smell, and try to process everything going on all at once.
It is very hard to process 5000 different conversations, 1000 plus different sounds, and 50 different televisions all at once. After 20 minutes I’m really mentally fatigued by all the sensory processing, so I have to go find somewhere to desensitize. Okay, so most people with aspergers won’t be in that insane amount of sensory input, most can’t handle loud music at a dance. I can’t handle huge concerts like the plain white ts. While I can handle a nice simple VIP row Weird Al concert with 1000 people in the building. Weird AL concerts are a lot calmer than most concerts and IMO pretty darn Asperger friendly.
Well, I could go on for ever about sensory issues, but I’ll save that for when I’m actually talking to people about Aspergers. One group of DRs said I was P.D.D NOS years ago. While lately others say I have Aspergers.

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