Asperger genius syndrome– echolalia issues

Do you have a kid who can quote things that are extraordinary or who scores extremely high on IQ tests? Some kids are really smart, others simply are echoing what they’ve heard other people say. This is called “the little Einstien”. Kids, teens, even Adults with aspergers, HFA, or PDD can do this.

It is very simple to understand and explain. When you are on the autism spectrum your mind doesn’t filter out anything you hear. So an aspie could hear someone say the likelyhood of a meteor hitting earth in 2064 which, off the top of my head is a 1 out of 300,000 chance. Later on they could repeat this with a bunch of other facts, but they may not even know what a meteor is or what would happen if one did hit the Earth.
Being able to hear things and quote them word for word most definetly has its pros and its cons. I think the cons outweigh the pros, because you will without knowing it echolalia something someone said and it may be offensive, but you don’t know that.

Little kids can sound like geniuses by saying giant words, where they live, there are millions if not billions of things they could echolalia that will make them sound like a genius. There is an off-chance that they are a genius, but most likely it is just an echo of something they heard.

Those who have Aspergers and other forms of Autism are usually brilliant in at least one area, sadly we lack in others like social skills.

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