Aspergers perseverations and work– make money with your perseveration

Okay, before you read too much into the title, please read my entire post.

People with Aspergers are smart, to the point of being called geniuses in one certain area. Sometimes that area can be very profitable for their future, like a writer, an amazing computer artist, an amazing canvas artist, a computer programmer, the list goes on. You may find your aspies focus very strange, like memorizing binary code, or being able to tell you what computer color your skin is. Yeah, that is me. Please don’t try to change anyones perseveration, because it is very, very, very hard to change a perseveration. Yeah, I know from experience. There is a difference between changing your perseveration and opening yourself up to new experiences. I can be at a movie, but still perseverating. My eyes will be on the screen, but I will be thinking in code. This is odd for someone who is normal, and thank god I am not normal. Embrace your aspergers, use your perseveration to your advantage and make money off of it. I can’t say you will make a million, but you have a higher chance of doing better in that one area than a neuro-typical person, because that is your #1 focus.

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2 thoughts on “Aspergers perseverations and work– make money with your perseveration

  1. louis says:

    I think if you really wanted to help youd stop with the labels. not every perseverating geek is aspie. I hate this all. its unfair to geeks!

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