aspergers, autisim, high functioning autisim, and sound or music

If you dissect music down to it’s core it is just a formation of different sounds. If you dissect sound down to its core it is just vibrations. Well, people with aspergers, autism, and HFA, have trouble with these things. Why? Well, I am not exactly sure why. I know that I can hear dog whistles and so can a friend of mine who has aspergers. It is painful. I believe that a major part of this issue is because the part of our brain that is supposed to filter out sound doesn’t work or may not even exist with people who are on the autistic spectrum. The only reason I even know about this part of the brain and its affect on autism, is because I went to a hypnotist once and it didn’t work on me. I wasn’t happy, so I spoke to the hypnotist which didn’t know why it didn’t work until I mentioned aspergers. If what the hypnotist said was true, well, she was the only person who has ever mentioned the filter in the mind and its affect on aspergers. Please read my post on this, that is if you are interested. I can’t watch certain movies, because they are painful. How can a movie be painful? The sounds that were used can hurt so bad that I run out of the room plugging my ears. I usually run into these sounds in old movies from the 40s and 50s when they are trying to make something sound scary. The frequency is so high that it hurts worse than a dog whistle. So when your kid plugs his ears when there is music on, it might be because there is already a lot of noise going on and it is way too much to handle or that a certain frequency is causing him or her pain. Has your kid ever plugged his ears in a restaurant? probably. The reason is that you can hear every conversation going on all at the same time and you CAN’T filter any of them out. I am not a doctor nor should any of my advice be taken as such. It is just what I’ve experienced with myself and my observations of other people on the spectrum. I have aspergers, so I try to explain to others how hard it can be sometimes and what to do to make it easier.

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