How movies teach social skills to those with aspergers syndrome

I find movies to be highly educational, even if they aren’t an educational movie. Why? Because Movies reflect life. If you watch the social cues in a movie, you may actually learn more about yourself and others. This leads to understanding your life better. You can ask your kid/ teen what they got out of that movie and what the message was. Most people don’t get the message in Hulk, which is plain as day to me, but not to others. If you are familiar with the movie Hulk, you will be able to see what I see once you give it some thought. Hulk is about discrimination. He runs to hide from people and does not want to turn into a monster, but he is hunted down and turns into what people consider a monster. All he is doing is protecting himself. He doesn’t want to hurt people, but they are trying to hurt him. They are hurting him, because they don’t understand him. Looking at movies and then interpeting them into real life may not work for everyone and it might just be, because I am an actor that I feel this way, but I would at least give it a shot and post your feedback here.

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