Hypnosis, autism, hfa, and Aspergers,

I wrote a post on this about a year ago. Since then I’ve spoken to a hypno-therapist who claims to have hypnotized 60 percent of his clients with aspergers. That claim is small until I know how many aspies he has tried this on. He has had teachers bring their autistic kids to him, but to no avail they can not be hypnotized. Why? Several different hypothesis as to why. One is that the filter in our brain doesn’t work, the 2nd is that we are used to not filtering stuff out that the hypnotic suggestions are processed as just more noise we can’t filter. I doubt that hypnosis would work on me, because I am P.D.D NOS and because I’ve already tried
it once and nothing happened.
So, if the world is ever hypnotized via television and cell phones, those with Autism, P.D.D and some aspies will be safe.

The worlds been hypnotized. We Have one last hope of being saved. The geniuses, the quirky ones and the silent ones are here to save you we are the autism spectrum!

Sorry, couldn’t resist that. I know kids with autism aren’t silent, I just thought it sounded cool. Anyways, if you find this interesting post a comment!!!

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