Aspergers and jokes or humor don’t mix

Do you know someone with aspergers or HFA? Have they ever freaked out over a joke? Or do they freak out whenever they hear a joke? If the answers are yes, I am not surprised. Joking is an abstract form of self expression combined with stress, anxiety, and anything else that might be a problem. On top of all of that self expression is
Several layers of joking emotions. For the most literal people in the world, It is very hard
to understand this foreign concept, if we understand it at all!!! What I find so interesting about joking is that,we can make joke after joke, but when someone replies to the joke you don’t think they’re joking! Yes, it is very one sided and no we aren’t trying to be difficult are brains just process everything as absolutes and literals. When you verbalize words in a certain way, they should always mean the same thing, or that is what one on the autism spectrum would think. Trying to read facial expressions, eye movement, hand gestures, and words to know what those words actually mean is a hard and tiring process. The easiest form of joking that I understand and a few others I’ve met that isn’t literal joking, is very strong sarcasm. I mean, so sarcastic that anyone who doesn’t have aspergers, P.D.D or HFA would think that the joke was completely obvious and the sarcasm was over the top. Not to us. We sometimes still have trouble with those jokes.

The only jokes that make complete sense are literal jokes. What is a literal joke? It is when someone says something, you interpet it in the most literal way and then reply sarcastically. Most people see it as either someone who isn’t good at jokes or a smart aleck.

I hope I remember to write an entire blog post on how to learn jokes. I had a teacher who spent six months saying the same joke with the same facial expressions everyday, until I understood it as a joke instead of freaking out. Man, that teacher was so happy when I came back with a joking retort.

I apologize for any grammar errors, I write all of these posts from my phone. I do my best to proofread them, but I am sure mistakes have slipped through. Feel free to leave jokes, comments on autism joking or lack thereof, and as always any additional questions, which I will do my best to answer.

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