Aspergers syndrome and lack of emotions or missing emotions

to say those with hfa or aspergers are emotionless, is completely and totally incorrect. Yes, we do have missing emotions, no we don’t show emotions as much as most people(some show more emotion than others), but what annoys me is that I have missing emotions. I am very similar to data on star trek, ever so curious about emotions of humans. I am not an android, but I am missing one emotion that makes other people jealous. I haven’t felt embarrassment, yet people say “aren’t you embarrassed?” and I have to say that I don’t know what the heck embarrasment is! I dislike not knowing an emotion, and it is always hard when someone else claims that you embarrassed them, but you did something you find totally normal. Odd? From a neurotypical standpoint I guess so. From an atypical stand point, yes. Am I saying we are emotionless? Heck no!! We are able to seem emotionless until we are pushed past our limit and we lose it. We suppress our emotions to the point where it seems like we don’t have emotions.

What I find annoying is how much parents complain about their aspergers kids. My parents don’t, but I’ve heard plenty of parents bicker and say the most moronic stuff. I have lost my patience several times in the past & told those parents how they were incorrect about their complaints, challenging their perceptions of aspergers, and that aspergers isn’t something to complain about, it is a gift. I haven’t met anyone with true aspergers who is stuck in a dead end job. I am not counting those who are actually hfa, but their parents present it as aspergers because aspies have a better chance of doing well in life than our counterparts. I don’t know how parents convince doctors to mislabel their kids, but I see it all the time. I admit, I am not aspergers, I am pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified. I am somewhere on the spectrum, but they don’t know where. The group I come close to fitting into is
the aspies. Yes, those with hfa and aspergers do have emotions , we just express them differently than you do, we can be extremely calm, but when we get pushed over the limit our mood changes in 0.10th of a second. so while we see emotionless, we are not. We are actually highly emotional, we just use the Vulcan method of suppressing emotions. Those with High functioning autism don’t do as good of a job at suppressing their emotions. Please comment on this and correct me if you believe that I am wrong. I love comments. It makes me feel like my blogging on aspergers is actually worthwhile.

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