What do Vulcans & aspergers have in common? we hide our emotions

I have been analyzing star trek and realized my relationship with the vulcans. We think the same way. When you have Aspergers you hide your emotions, because that is the logical thing to do. We do this until our emotions over come our logic like what happens to vulcans exposed to terrelium-d. Now a lot of people reading this may not know what this blog usually is about. It is about people with aspergers, the closest real living beings to vulcans. We think like them, we don’t understand others who don’t think like a Vulcan. We don’t choose to think like vulcans, as lady gaga says “we were born this way”. Aspergers is a form of autism, a very, very high form of autism. I am having trouble thinking of a fictional species who act like they have autism. I believe there was a book called cats have autism, which is somewhat accurate. People with aspergers are on the same chart as those with autism, but function in day to day activity very well. We have acted like vulcans long before vulcans were invented. Our logic may not be the same as your logic, because ours is so logical and yours usually isn’t. Most people mix emotions with logic creating illogical logic. Logic and emotions are separate from each other. Those with Aspergers do a good job of acting Vulcan and hiding emotions until we still act Vulcan, but a Vulcan who can’t suppress their emotions. If you’ve ever seen the newest star trek movie where the Vulcan home world was
Destroyed and Kirk has to taunt Spock to show his emotions, well that is the strongest amount of emotions I’ve ever seen from a Vulcan, and people with aspergers don’t show emotions to that degree, well, some may, but not i. Please understand that everyone expresses emotions differently, so this may not apply to all with aspergers, but this is the best explanation between fiction and reality I could think of. We are Vulcan, we are aspies!

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18 thoughts on “What do Vulcans & aspergers have in common? we hide our emotions

  1. spud says:

    Your summary is logical-

  2. Greg Lilko says:

    I agree. We are raising a vulcan (aspie). I am vulcan I think. My wife is frustrated because he won’t make Easter card. I agree with my son that Easter cards are illogical.

  3. john says:

    yea , i agree. vulcan analogy is very acurate. my 3 brothers and i and my dad all have various degrees of aspergers. Our mother and our 3 sisters are normal. Our hollidays are always logical and very pleasant and polite.( like Spock and his dad). Us men all hate conflict..so even in our disagreements, we are always very respectful of the others viewpoint. I once witnessed a neurotypical xmas party w/my wife and was mortified …so now we just go to my families holliday activity. Vulcans rock! Aspies Rock ! Logic Rocks! intellect rocks! L.L.&P. 🙂

  4. Kirk's girlfriend says:

    I think you’re wrong. Combining emotions and logic doesn’t render your logic “illogical” – in some cases, letting your emotions play a role in the decisions you make mean you act upon your best interests, and you’re more likely to end up doing what will make you happy. That seems pretty logical to me.

    • I respect your opinion, but I disagree.

      • James Carter says:

        I have to say, I agree with the first guy. As someone who actually studies formal logic, you don’t appear to understand that it is not just a quality that an action has, but that it comes in two forms: deductive or inductive.

        The first is just a logical conclusion a from a set of axioms – this doesn’t really apply to real life behaviour, because we use inductive logic, which is taking inputs and making a decision as to what to do (and this is the bit you missed) towards a particular end. Behaviour can only ever be logical so far as it forwards a particular interest, whereas you appear to have mixed-up being emotionless with being logical; truly logical people merely factor in their emotions and those of other people when making decision, because it’s wise to remember that whilst one might disagree with how someone else might react, your disagreement will not stop them reacting in such a way.

        This is what frustrates me so much when I hear someone with Asperger’s explain their behaviour as being ‘logical’, when in many cases it quite clearly isn’t with regards to other people. I’m not saying that you can’t make cool, calm decisions most of the time, just that you need a clearer understanding of what logic is, and the way it isn’t just an on/off switch, or even a simple greyscale – there’s always got to be a direction with behavioural logic, too, which is what you’re forgetting.

      • Thank you for your comment.

      • Would you agree that the scientific method is what “normal” people use to make logical decisions?

    • j.mortis says:

      Well one can mix emotions with logic but it isn’t the best course of action at times but one can still put themselves lives before themselves and make a new and better by using logic.

  5. Terrence says:

    From Star Trek [in 2009]
    00:16:24 Emotions run deep within our race.
    00:16:27 In many ways more deeply than in humans.
    00:16:29 Logic offers a serenity humans seldom experience.

    From real life [a few days before vulcans were added to the StarTrek script]
    Emotions run deep within aspies.
    In many ways more deeply than in neurotypicals.
    Logic offers a serenity neurotypicals seldom experience.

    “Live long and prosper”

  6. after seeing the movie i analyzed this observation, but only knowing i have As+ADD since 2 months i never realised this connection when i previously saw it.

    but my opinion is that we exhibit the same logical problem solving pattern realizing at some point that having no emotions and showing military-like respect would solve most world problems, So yas we indeed render logic like vulcans do.

    the movie at one point explains however that this is also a flawed conclusion and people already understand this. it tried to show at multiple points, through multiple charachters (Jim, Spock, Young Spock) that living without emotions would not be a very logical thing to do since it would be very boring and the humaans and the beautifull women do not understand our advanced logic very often.

    And don’t forget that the vulcans do have all emotions but force themself to hide it. I don’t know any other As people but for the most part of my life i tried and still going (hard or go home) to do the exact opposite. I want to feel and experience fun like others do because i know how it feels but it doesn’t even come close to how ”normal” people feel it. So my conclusion is, i think we are not similiar to Vulcans when it come’s to culture and belief.

    and i would not look at my planet for one second when people like harold are controling a big ass starship haha with lasers and warp but i would very well feel the loss of all those people and unlike a vulcan i would not be able to hide my emotions and i would probably annhialate some of those ipads to blow off some aggro. and no idiot would get in my face acting gangsta because my conclusion then would be made too fast. and i will act upon the most logical thing to do at that moment. And that would be to show him who’s Alpha(S)(Van Damme style).

    Whole the core foundation of starfleet actually represents the way i, or maybe other people, think how respect should be. not empty but always respectfull no mather who’s standing in front of you.

    And also i conclude that mind melting would be sweet, don’t you agree?

    but tell me what you think of my data. and tell me if i’m wrong. i will adapt and assimilate if logical.

    It actually happen’s all the time that i have no f. idea what other people think. but for people that feel this too, you should know that you should just talk about it. Try to explain people in their way. with their culture and background in mind.

    it is were my logic often fails big time.

  7. http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Trellium for the people that want to learn why the writer used this example in his explanation.

  8. and for the people that do not know anything about the star trek universe, trellium is basicly what sosa is for me, (other AS?).

    to understand this without using sosa or being AS,
    you must read this:

    Emotions are autonomic impulses that induce either negative or positive mental states. Most sentient species have emotions. According to Vulcan philosophy, emotions cannot be explained by logic.

    but i believe they can be in some way explained logicaly,

    live long and prosper is something i would definatelly never say to someone by the way. it does not compute, as you basicly say ”gl mate” it is very empy.
    it is very respectfull whoever.

    but i think, on the internet a proper way would be to say, i hope we meet one day,
    and that you bring good weed or some yay and i hope your a female so we can really chill,

  9. A if you think about it star trek actually is somewhat for the future what is the past. It is a combination of conclusions by people about how the future most likely will come to be. from a point a view at the current enviromental state earth is in of course. i never really looked at it this way but this movie showes it in a way for a lot of people to understand this.

    i would crash my ship without have to make a conclusion by the way because i already korubashu things that might happen where i have to make a serious desiscion for the people i respect and love so that i can react in any situation in the most logical way. or the most logical way i believe. for my future girlfriend if i find her i would catch a grenade, sure hope one that does the same haha

  10. All of this also applies to labeling theory…

  11. Rick says:

    I am an Aspie, and have found the most accurate fictional anologue to be Vulcans. We are emotional in a very deep sense, and most often suppress it. We are fundamentally stuck to logical thinking, and are somewhat baffled by those whose perceptions are ruled by the lense of emotion. Truth and facts rule the day, and it is somewhat stifling to be perpetually surrounded by beings who cannot understand life from the literal perspective.

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