Aspergers syndrome, puberty, emotional changes, and lack of social skill growth

Okay, I wrote about aspergers and puberty mid last year. I feel that it is time for me to cover that area again, but talk about emotions and social skill behaviors that come up. The first emotion is realizing you LIKE the opposite gender and having a crush. All of that is normal, except for the fact that these emotions are being given to someone whose developmental clock isn’t the same as their biological clock. The developmental age of someone on the spectrum can be 8 to ten years behind their actual age!! This makes liking someone and all the things that happen at this point in time a lot harder to deal with & in need of a lot of guidance on the appropriate social skills. Yeah, this is a weird time for anybody, but add in Aspergers syndrome or even worse, not knowing you have Aspergers syndrome and you have your quirky genius becoming highly reclusive. Being a recluse isn’t that bad for a short period of time, like a couple months. A couple years, now that is bad and very unhealthy socially and mentally. I am unsure what to cover on this topic that I haven’t already covered, so I will update this article when i am asked a question, that is if I know the answer.

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