Can You Outgrow Aspergers

How do you outgrow Aspergers? Can aspergers be outgrown? I hear these questions all the time and the answer is No, it can’t be outgrown. Aspergers is a neurological disorder. I dislike that word, disorder. Since we can’t outgrow our own mind, we live with aspergers forever. We can write and rewrite neural patterns in our brain, so it is feasible to learn about those who are neurotypical, what is acceptable in public and in life, even learn how to joke. These are all things that makes us look less asd, but we can’t outgrow our own mind.

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4 thoughts on “Can You Outgrow Aspergers

  1. MrCerberus says:

    Why would God do this to us. To suffer through ADHD, Aspergers, Dyslexia, or anything else like this? It’s things like this that make me despise God and all life he’s created. Why can’t there ever be a cure?

    • While some may see these things as curses, I don’t. Sure, I may complain about some things that are harder for me, but my life is awesome. I wouldn’t be able to do if it weren’t for these gifts that you see as curses. Once parents know what I’ve been through and how it has helped me with what I do, they have a lot more hope for their kids and family members.

  2. Grace says:

    Not true. The brain can rewire.

    I have completely lost the Asperger’s label as an adult. Not through “faking” or “coping” or “hiding” anything. I’ve genuinely lost the disorder. I enjoy eye contact and am more interested in social interaction these days while losing the idiosyncratic ones I used to have.

    The reasoning behind “Well you can’t get rid of it, because it’s neurological in nature” is based on the old assumption that the brain is set in stone at a very young age. Now we know that’s just not true. The brain is shaped as much by experience as by genes, and this shaping goes on throughout our lives, not just at some “critical period”.

    Why should the neurology associated with Asperger’s be so completely immune to the brain’s ability to grow new neurons and change itself?

    • I am so glad you feel like you no longer have Aspergers. That is great. Yes, the brain can rewire a great deal and yes the brain does shape throughout your life. All I know about people who say they’ve lost Aspergers disorder is that they still have it and have lost certain traits of it and it is buried deeper within their behavior, but I can still see it. Others who claim they no longer have Aspergers are just in denial, because they somehow think having Aspergers is a bad thing. Who knows, you could be an exception to the case and outgrown it, but if you did I am sorry. Aspergers while having some cons, also has some amazing pros which I would never want to part with.

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