Parents of children with aspergers, hfa, and autism– a guide to the Asperger brain written by an aspie

You are neuro-typical, we are a-typical. You think without pure literals, we are mostly, if not altogether purely literal in the way we think. This post should help parents overcome decisions that are emotionally hard. Should you outright say “my kid has aspergers syndrome?” yes, yes, yes. You probably have that emotion that I don’t have, its called being nervous and the other is embarrassment. You should never feel nervous nor embarrassed about your child’s special need. I work in a very interesting field… Let’s just say your kids may have played a game I’ve designed. Anyways, I’ve found that in this field and every other field of work and outside of work that I’ve ever embarked on everyone was much kinder and much more understanding; except for one isolated incident. People don’t look down on you, they seem to genuinely care. A lot of people haven’t even heard about aspergers syndrome, but will listen and then understand and adapt to the situation accordingly. You probably let your emotions control you Without knowing about it. While we do have emotions, we suppress them or have missing emotions. When I say missing, I mean that I’ve never experienced them when I should’ve a billion times fold.
I will do my best to write more follow up guides for all the issues that parents face, but since I am not a parent nor am I cursed with being normal, I don’t know what you face. Two good blogs by Asperger parents that I’ve read are asdmommy whose blog I check out frequently and the other one is aspie 2.0. These are people whom I presume are neuro-typical dealing with us a-typical aspies. Kudos to anyone who has one of us in your lives.

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4 thoughts on “Parents of children with aspergers, hfa, and autism– a guide to the Asperger brain written by an aspie

  1. Well said, well said. I also have HFA, and agree with you on most things.

  2. asdmommy says:

    I just tracked you down because of your thoughtful comment on my blog, and here you are linking to me. Thank you for the very kind words. I love how you say “kudos” to anyone who has a person with AS in our lives, because I feel so blessed to have an Aspie in MY life. I have learned so much from my child and am so constantly enchanted with what he says and does.

    And I hope, after my expression of frustration with Pokemon that you are, in fact, NOT Satoshi Tajiri (Pokemon creator, also has Aspergers), because then I would feel awful. 😉

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