People without Aspergers have feelings

Did you know other people have feelings? Yeah, of course you do. Or do you? This may sound odd, but it is possible to forget that people have feelings when yours are suppressed. it is harder to understand something that is automatically suppressed by your mind. With that said, emotions are hard to understand and at times you forget that others have feelings! Another aspie said to me today “does ____ have feelings?” that question would catch someone normal offguard, but it sounded completely normal to me. I explained that other people do have feelings, so remember to remind your aspie that others have feelings, if it seems that they’ve forgotten.

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2 thoughts on “People without Aspergers have feelings

  1. Pippa says:

    Hi! I have been reading your blog after clicking on from “Wonderfully Wired”. Thanks for writing so clearly about “how you think”, and how you “see” people and their behaviour from your perspective as an “Aspie”. I am a teacher, and I find your explanations very helpful. Thanks again! Everything you share via your blog is invaluable.

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