X-men first Class review: Movie reviews by someone with Aspergers

I’ve decided to write a new part of my blog, a movie review section. These aren’t your regular reviews, these reviews review the core meaning of the movie from an aspies point of view.

X-men first class is the first in what will be a series of x-men movies. X-men has always spoken about discrimination, no not usually at the verbal level, but it is in the sub-text of the entire plot of x-men. X-men First Class is the first X-men movie that came right out and spoke about discrimination and fear. X-men first class is not for those light of heart or those who get scared easily or dislike gore or sexy scenes. The movie began during world war two where Magneto was treated terribly and seeked revenge. Actually, that is the main plot of the entire movie, well, x-men usually has at least six plots going on at the same time, but this plot intertwined with all the others. Magneto wanted to avenge his mothers death, but he also wanted mutants to be part of the world and accepted as who they are and how they look. He was not the only mutant that wanted this, because Professor X wants the same thing, but not in the same way. Magneto let fear control himself and controlled others by making them fear him or by making them believe he could change things. Professor Xavier was very logical and did not let fear control him, but his best friend did. In the end he ended up with a bullet in his back because of his friend and losing his friend and best friend to fear. X-men speaks about discrimination on appearances and differences or “powers” in such lengths that the message for the entire series is that we let fear control our lives and if we do so we will end up destroying ourselves and those we love. If we take the harder path, the right path and try to teach people about our differences instead of trying to control them with fear that the results are much better, but harder to obtain then making people fear you.

Beast was a normal mutant named hank with big feet he despised. He wanted to appear normal so the world would accept him, but also keep all of his powers. For years he worked on a cure that was supposed to make his big hairy feet look like normal human feet. What he got instead was making his mutant cells mutate to the point that he did indeed turn into a beast. People do this all the time in real life, well not turning into a hairy beastly creature, but trying to treat their self for something about them that they dislike. This is usually referred to as self treatment and usually has bad side affects like brain damage, or the worst is death. Now medicine that helps someone is not the same as self treating yourself like beast did.

X-men is a show that relates to people with almost every syndrome, disability, disorder, differences, etc, etc. It is a great movie for anyone to see, but especially someone with aspergers, if you can handle all the killing, sexy scenes and of course gore.

I give this movie five stars for speaking out on discrimination. It is worth the money to see it.

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2 thoughts on “X-men first Class review: Movie reviews by someone with Aspergers

  1. Alienhippy says:

    What a great idea!
    As you know I’m an Aspie and I have dyslexia, I love films and I so relate to the X-men movies.
    I LOVE the Time Machine (2002 version) I wrote a post inspired by watching that film for the 1000th time, I called my post “It’s about time” I have lost count how many times I have watched it. I use films as a way to slow my thoughts down. They take me somewhere else for a while.
    I love this idea, thanks for the post.
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx 🙂

  2. Johnie says:

    I just watched the movie ….little disturbing because most of the x-men had cupid bow upper lips and full lower lips…. a very very comon morphological trait seen in aspie’s …. this undertone left me a bit uneasy. esp given that aspie/auties have 50-80% more neurons in our frontal lobes than NTs. right now we are an odditiy , but as our numbers increase, will we ever become a “percieved threat” to the NT world , and if so what then? Or will they be able to ‘cure’ us by causing our ‘abnormal brains” to prune out our extra prefontal neurons so as to make us more ‘normal’ ?? what will they do with people like me (telepathic) and my boy when he grows up (aspie, telepathic and telekinetic) which he has grown up using like 6th and 7th senses which we encourage as we want him to be like us. Will we aspies ever become a percieved threat? (All aspies are strong telepaths weather they know it or not. Be my guess that auties are more telepathic than aspies.) what then? aspie and proud 🙂

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