Do people with aspergers or autism feel pain?

Do we feel pain? That is actually a very good question. I must feel pain when it is minuscule, although what I think is minuscule others would be complaining and yelling and taking medicine. I do feel pain, but only very strong pain. Like surgery, I feel that. Although a week after jaw surgery I was trying to do my regular daily routine. Trying is the keyword in that sentence. Part of my back foot was ran over by a bike today. I felt that!!!!!! So, yes we feel pain. Some of us tune pain out until it is extreme, others may be more sensitive to pain. It is harder to diagnose stuff with me like when I had an appendix infection that area didn’t hurt at all. I was just barfing. It wasn’t until they were wheeling me into the room to do the surgery when i felt a little bit of pain. Heck, I had volunteered the same day I had my appendix removed. This was outside volunteering picking tree branches and such. It was probably less than halfway through it when my mom made me sit down cause she could tell I was sick and she did the rest. She is a great person, probably the best.

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7 thoughts on “Do people with aspergers or autism feel pain?

  1. alienhippy says:

    Hi there,
    Mom’s are wonderful aren’t they. My Mom got me too, she understood just who I was and she accepted that I did things differently. I miss her every day.
    I feel physical pain when I experience emotional pain. I didn’t realise that others didn’t until quite recently.
    My little girl has chickenpox at the moment and the spots not only itch but hurt too.
    So I think all of us experience pain in different ways.
    Us on the spectrum feel it in confused ways sometimes too.
    Great post, you really made me think.
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx 🙂

  2. Jon Beaupain says:

    It is interesting. I have Asperger Syndrome and I recently had surgery to repair an inguinal hernia. Most people that have this surgery are allowed to leave the same day they have it. It is usually done on an outpatient basis. My surgeon though said that I had to stay the night doing it on an inpatient basis because it was possible that because I had Asperger Syndrome that I may be having some pain issues but I would not be able to feel it so I would not know. I would be unable to tell them I was in pain because I do not feel pain. Pain can be a sign of a complication so they had me stay in to be sure that I was not having complications because I had an inability to tell them that I was having pain.

    • j.mortis says:

      One time I got hit by a truck I stopped it before I got pinned down by it and went to the hospital a week later by force by the nurse after I was complaining about really sore arms after running in gym that day but I had over stretched muscles.

  3. j.mortis says:

    My mom is single raising three teenagers but she is here all the time and she doesn’t try to understand me even when she knows my triple disorders that are related to each other along with my other disorders with all the help she’s getting from her other children but fell at understanding so I don’t like my family at all so I just put up with them till freedom day comes.

    • I am sorry things aren’t going well for you. While I don’t know your Mom, I’ve met plenty of parents with kids on the spectrum. I won’t comment on your Mom’s scenario, since I lack important information. I can tell you that the parents I’ve met do want to understand, but can’t because our lives are so different. Some try harder than others, while some have a limited ability to comprehend things that aren’t cookie cutter scenarios.

      I’ve known plenty of people who thought leaving their family would make life better. They would talk about freedom, etc. Unfortunately all of them have a much, much harder life and have gone through bad things because they thought the world as a whole will be more understanding. The world is just starting to understand aspergers, but the people closest to you will understand it better then a stranger.

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