The class clown, the chameleon, Asperger true school story

Okay, I decided to write about my school years, which probably aren’t over since I plan to go to college some more this fall. I was home schooled until 4th grade when I entered the public school system. What an experience. Not for me, but for the teachers. One blames me for her mental breakdown. Lol. Blame it on the smart kid. I am very hyper, really hyper, so when ever the mail came i would stand up on my desk and yell “MAIL MAN!” everyone would abandon their work and rush to the window. I was always in trouble, for things that I shouldn’t gotten in trouble for. Here is an example. We were told to make something out of soap and I live somewhere, where it never snows, so I made the classroom SNOW. Sure it was soap snow, but everyone loved it. I think some people made soap angels. Actually that was probably me. My teacher got so mad. Things at that school got nasty!! My parents got me out of there. I did something called home and hospital where a teacher would come to the house and try to teach me. One teacher I wouldn’t work with, because she smelled like dirty diapers. I ran away screaming and plugging my nose. Middle school wasn’t great. I did get to spend most of my time repairing the computer lab, I rarely was in class cause I was smarter than any of the staff. I got an 8080 processor working like a pentium 1. The middle school bullies, well, they were no fun. High school was the most fun time of my grade school years. Wow. It started out with me having a cool teacher who understood why you couldn’t get to class, even if it was a bizarre reason. I was making popcorn in the classroom, with permission of course. I was going to put one minute, but accidentally put 11 minutes. 6 minutes later a brave teacher had a popcorn bag with fire and smoke pouring out of it. He quickly threw it out the classroom window while coughing. Yeah, don’t cook popcorn for 6 minutes. It makes a popcorn bomb. It was an accident. I had other teachers, but none were that cool. One saved my life when I was choking. Another one was pure nasty. She spoke of hurting the kids with the other staff and how to do it. Everything they did was reported to the principal and they were reprimanded over and over. They sure hated me, because I was smart enough to know what they were doing and saying. They hated it that I wasn’t dumb and that the principal knew me well. I was treated with hate by a few teachers, but that didn’t stop me from doing what was right. some people liked me so much that I got the food from the teachers only cafeteria every day. I started three fads in highschool and was liked by everyone. In fact if you wanted to find me at a dance just look for the circle of a dozen girls flirting with me, while I am oblivious to the fact that theyre flirting and am just my goofy self. When I started a fad it went viral. I got in soo much trouble from the school counselor for starting an “immature fad”. Do you think I stopped? Nope!! Well, that’s my grade years. My college years are interesting.

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One thought on “The class clown, the chameleon, Asperger true school story

  1. alienhippy says:

    Funny…you sound a bit of a terror.
    I guess it’s the way Aspie guys survive school, my son and his friends are very similar and so very smart too.
    Thanks for the giggle.
    Love and hugs
    Lisa. Xx 🙂

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