Do I have aspergers, or High Functioning Autism?

I am not a professional, so I technically can’t tell you if you do or if you don’t, but I can tell you signs to look for, at least signs that I’ve seen universal across the spectrum in those who are diagnosed.

1) Do you plug your ears when there is loud noise or your upset?
2) Can you hear high pitched sounds others can’t? I did a test with all my HFA and aspergers friends with high pitched sounds that their parents could not hear and it put us all in pain, but not the parents cause they couldn’t hear the sound.
3) do you isolate yourself from people? Do you have behaviors that are deemed socially innapropiate?
4) do you understand or get jokes?
5) are you extremely literal? if someone says wait one minute, do you think sixty seconds or an allotted amount of time that they choose that isn’t disclosed?
6) do you have trouble talking with people?
7) do you find things looping in your head? Going around and around in circles and you can’t get it out of your head?
8) do you ever have meltdowns? a meltdown consists of just verbally shutting down, not speaking or moving, yelling and speaking really fast or not saying actual words, hitting things while yelling or screaming, or something similar that I didn’t list.
9) do you understand unspoken social cues? like tone of voice, movement of eyes, changes in facial expressions?
10) do you like to avoid large crowds of people? this is somewhat common in neurotypical people, but more so in us aspies.
11) can you “tune out” sounds or do you hear everything that everyone is saying, every single sound in a room?

if you answered a lot of these as yes, well, you may want to ask a professional about it. I am not a professional, just someone on the spectrum who analyzes everyone to learn more about myself and what I need to do to improve myself, well, not improve, but to blend into society better. So, don’t take this as an evaluation or doctor advice, just as a list of things that I have trouble with and I am on the spectrum, and some other things that I’ve noticed others on the spectrum have trouble with.
Hope this helps someone.

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