subliminal messages– the true sixth sense

Okay, I am sure you’ve heard about the sixth sense or at least heard of or seen the movie. Well, I’ve never watched the movie, but I’ve heard about it. I can hear what appear to be subliminal messages and I can spot subliminal messages in ads really quickly. I remember in middle school I was watching a video and said “WAIT rewind the tape” then went through each frame until I found the image that was actually an ad that was displayed for, like a millisecond and paused the tape on that frame to prove that the ad was there.

Sound, some people believe sound is a great way to control animals, so why wouldn’t businesses use it to control their customers? I think they do. I hear these loud ear deafening sounds that are at such a high pitch that no one else can hear it, well, except my dad… who is trying to teach me how to tune it out. This pitch aggravates me so much and drives me bonkers. I’ve noticed that other people get agitated in the store and don’t think as well… well, I personally don’t know them because they are strangers, but in my opinion they aren’t thinking that well. They make rash decisions and purchase items they don’t actually need, because they’re told to by someone who works at the store.

Boy, I hate sales people on commission who only know how to con people. A store that I go to quite frequently has gotten rid of a lot of their con salesmen, because I always step in when they play their game, so the con artists hate me, while the legit salesmen and managers like me and will go to great lengths to help me. The POINT of this post which is sounding a bit like a rant, is that there are sounds in stores to irritate you and make you buy things you don’t need without you knowing.

True, I’ve only noticed it at this one store, but noticed is the keyword. I believe I’ve heard sounds at other stores, but nothing as painful as they do at this one store. I have P.D.D NOS which is on the autism spectrum, so I hear things and notice things that most people don’t or can’t notice. Honestly, your lucky to not hear them.

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4 thoughts on “subliminal messages– the true sixth sense

  1. alienhippy says:

    I think you are right on this.
    I wrote a post some time back about how hard the supermarkets are for my sensory.
    Also I have mentioned when I went to find a new mobile phone, how bad it was for me.
    I can’t stand the noise in these places and the lighting is so bad, I can’t think for myself.
    I notice the noise with certain radio stations too.
    It can be so painful almost like nails down a black board or a knife on a plate.
    I know these noises don’t bother a lot of people but they really hurt inside my head.
    Great post, made me think again.
    Keep up the good work.
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx 🙂

  2. Danni says:

    I have 2 children diagnosed with Aspergers and I am currently researching any link between the sixth sense (spiritual awareness) and aspergers.
    My son always made a fuss whenever I took him to the supermarket, he is not so bad now, I wonder if he managed to get use to it? I hear the high pitch riniging in my ears all the time and I have spoken to some spitually aware people who have suggested I ask the angelic realm to turn down the volume a bit, it actually works sometimes. I myself hate tv and not to keen on radio either, I figure it is all marketing. I was pretty impressed to hear how you managed to stop the tape on the frame with the message!
    Interesting post, thanks!

    • Thank you for your comment. I am glad you are into the spiritual side of things. I am wondering if some of the ringing in your ears could be caused by tinnitus. There is an all natural product that you can get at the health food store called bioflavonoids. This has been very helpful for ringing in the ears for some people.

  3. jonas says:

    this is really helpful thankyou :). i have aspergers syndrome as well, my mother recently purchased a subliminal message program and the decibels make me sweat, have trouble thinking, and sometimes flinch. it hurts my ears and makes me freak out as well, and like you said in the paragraph with stores the program’s sound makes it really hard for me to think and i have to run to my room to grab a recording of a song and listen to it with head phones to counter act the sound.

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