3 year old meets Asperger logic

Okay, I have aspergers… Well, technically P.D.D NOS, but that’s not the point. The point is that I am very literal, I think in constructive and imaginative ways, like helping prove a new physics theory as a break from work. That’s imaginative. Making up a new game to program. Thats imaginative. A normal 3 year old, hit the brakes!!! A normal 3 year old has imaginary friends or as I call them anti-matter friends. They live in the mind of the three year old & they’re very real to her. When there are cars driving through the living room, well, you have to hold their hand. These invisible cars had me very puzzled. Talking and yelling at people who don’t exist royally freaked me out. After a lot of research and being spoken to a lot, I realized that she is normal.

She does things that are so illogical and says things even more illogical like “there is this boy in my class named Rihanna and she is so cute.” she doesn’t go to preschool, she doesn’t know anyone named Rihanna, and the wording is so off, that it is funny.

It’s taken weeks getting used to the three mentality and adapting to it appropriately and I still have a way to go! Three year olds seem to use more of their teleological brain then Aspergers can, because studies say that the teleological part of our brain is off. It seems logical. The evidence fits the bill of the average aspie saying that we don’t use the teleological part of the mind.

The only problem is that living without a teleological part of your brain, you are impaired to understand normal 3 year olds. Three year olds have no sound logic, If they have any logic. Their logic is illogical, so when dealing with a three year old throw trying to find logic in what they do out the window.

Throwing logic away is like saying “give me your foot”. Logic is so important that without it the world doesn’t make sense, but with a three year old everything is backwards.

If anyone wants to comment, well, please do.

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2 thoughts on “3 year old meets Asperger logic

  1. Alex Jones says:

    I have an interest in aspergers, and it is a shame you did not keep this blog going.

  2. Alex Jones says:

    Whoops, you did keep this blog going. I am now heading to the home page.

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