Understanding neurotypical 3 year olds

I recently wrote a blog post on how aspergers logic and a neurotypical 3 year olds logic dont mix. Well, I have found out that they do… If you abandon logic. Well, not fully abandon it, but modify it to a very simple level. Three year olds use mostly one syllable words. They don’t know words like gall, ostentatious, audacity, and other common words, well common in my vocabulary. While they appear not to make sense they indeed do. They’re imagination is insanely vivid, they ask questions that are quite personal, but when you get down to it theyre sweet and fun. You just have to learn their logic. It isnt easy! Translating aspie to neurotypical three year old isn’t easy, but you learn how to do it. Don’t give up, keep trying to understand others!

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