Transformers dark side of the moon movie review by an aspie

Okay, transformers dark side of the moon was a good movie, well it was good for a movie with subliminal ad messages everywhere you look. This movie is not for kids! It is marketed as a kids movie, that’s who they sell the toys to, but any parent would not want there child exposed to the amount of swearing, guy pulling off his pants in a bathroom stall and grabbing paper out of his butt, the extreme level of violence compared to the last two. No, this isn’t a kids movie. I know, because I had to walk out with an 11 year old, get her a ride home, and go back in the movie. The main piece of the movie was Love. Sam loves this girl, I don’t even remember her name or if they assigned her a name. Anyways, he loves her, but the entire world is at stake. That is almost 7 billion lives. He has to spy on the autobots and have a microchip report everything he does to the decepticons for his girlfriend to live. Jeopardize the world for one person? I am not heartless, not at all… But the concept of sacrificing tons of lives for one seems selfish, inhumane, and downright wrong. Anyways the movie showed how he went through torture via the microchip so the decepticons would not get any new information, thus making enough time for him to save his girlfriend. After hyper analyzing the movie I find interesting tactics deployed within the movie. This microchip will see everything he sees, hears, every muscle, they tapped into his brain, but they didn’t know what his friends would see as a lie when it came to wording. He was ordered to find out the autobots strategy, so he did it in such a fashion that they could tell he was not himself so they lied to him. Ingenious. Yes, it is just a movie to sell toys, but the plot is really good and hard to understand for someone with aspergers syndrome. Another thing in this movie that I find so interesting is that your best friend, your mentor, your leader, will betray your entire side in a war to do what he believes is right, but ends up killing his friends and becoming just another bad guy, but a bad guy they trust which in turn puts everyone at risk and several die because of him. I liked the morals of the movie, but it isn’t kid appropriate which is quite sad. I have several jobs and one of them is acting. Sadly none of my onscreen roles are appropriate for 7 and younger. I have so many jobs, but I love them all. Writing this blog is part of my down time. Anyways, I hope this helped!

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