Harry Potter Philosphers stone to Deathly hallows

Harry Potter is amazing. I watched the last movie and found it so moving. I found the books way more moving, but these movies show the struggles everyone faces in life, but masked within magic to make it interesting, actually amazing. You can learn strength, love, betrayal, hope, friendship, hardships, discrimination, racisim(which was removed from the 4th, 5th and 7th movies.)

While it seems way exaggerated to fit human life, well neurotypical life, but J.K nailed the autistic spectrum on the head. Everything we do is ten times harder than what neurotypicals go through, but J.K was able to see that and put it into a series of books that I’ve grown up with and have always loved. It is amazing, every piece of life is embedded in the Harry potter books and a lot of it in the movies.

I am on the autistic spectrum and love everything I face in everyday life, well I dislike a lot of it, but books that show people about differences, betrayal from people who you think are friends, discrimination because you are different, racisim because you are an elf, evil that we have to face and the emotions one has to face. Read Harry potter or listen to the audio books and you will see a new world, a reality that is already part of you, but you just can’t put it in such elegant words as J.K Rowling.

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One thought on “Harry Potter Philosphers stone to Deathly hallows

  1. Alienhippy says:

    I agree with you TOTALLY. JK is a genious.
    My dyslexia makes reading anything hard work.
    There are two books I have managed to read in my whole life.
    They both speak the of life and struggles.
    One is the Bible, the other Harry Potter.
    Funny that, the only books I have ever been absorbed in.
    Love and hugs. xx 🙂

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