Aspergers And Making Friends

I am not going to say it’s easy. Well, it is easy to make people who think they’re your friends, but you don’t think they’re friends. Finding someone that really connects with you at the same level is hard, but I’ve done it over and over. I’ll tell you how I’ve made real friends. You need to share several common interests or at least one. B This is something you can talk about and debate for years, if not decades. You also need to like each other, communicate on the same playing field. Make friends who have Aspergers or HFA, it makes things easier then trying to make friends with those who don’t have aspergers. When you are looking for someone who shares the same interest Find someone who shares views that are different than yours on philosophy, that makes for hours upon hours of great debating. Maybe for you, you’re looking for someone who loves pokemon or neopets. I am sure you can find one of those, although those topics grow old over time and can not progress into new topics like different theoretical theories, philosophy, what is reality, stuff like that makes for endless conversation forever.

You need to be kind to your friend and realize that they have emotions. Don’t tell your friend that they’re a geophasist even if in the literal context to their comment it is literally correct, because it is also very offensive, I found that out by experience.
Right now I have 3 friends, well those that I actually consider friends. One has been my best friend for over a decade, one has been a friend for about 5 months, but hopefully will be a friend forever, and the third is a bit amazing. When I was 8 I made a friend. I lost that friend when he moved when he was 10. I reconnected with him last night and our hard core beliefs of our friendship hasn’t changed one bit.  Making these type of friends that cruised around with you in high school and got banned from ihop with you because you gave the waiter a plate of barf are true friends. My other friend is one you can talk about everything from before existence and after existence, to a friend I just reconnected with who happens to be blind, but always has been and that’s changed ways I’ve done things since I was 9. I had a discussion with one of my friends about blindness being not an impairment but an ability because you are less likely to be pregidous. Vision creates stereotypes about people, unless you work really hard not to let that happen. It is hard to find friends that clicks, what you need to look for is someone that connects with you at some level, those are usually your true friends.

I updated this on the 27th of august to help people out way better.

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3 thoughts on “Aspergers And Making Friends

  1. alienhippy says:

    Great post, I have searched my whole life for true friends and been very hurt along the way.
    I think as Aspies we find it very hard to know who we can trust and tend to trust too easily.
    I think connection is very important to us, I wrote and blogged a poem today about this very thing.
    Love and hugs. xx 🙂

    • Your words are Spot on. I’ve been hurt by “friends” so many times!! Thank goodness when I was little & kids took advantage of me my sister “dealt” with them.

      • Alienhippy says:

        I’m so glad you had a sister who looked out for you. I was the oldest child and had no one to look out for me. I did however always have my faith, and Jesus helped me to get through everything. He still does.
        You do a great job here with what you share, I’m sorry I can’t get over more often, the dyslexia is a right pain at times.
        Take care, I’ll be back soon, keep up the good work. xx 🙂

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