THE cure cures all– would you take it?

I am usually called a genius once a day and I hate the word, because I am not a genius. Thanks to aspergers, I am highly intelligent beyond imagination in some areas and not in others. Because of my epilepsy I have seizures, because I have asthma I can stop breathing. Well, now RATS have a cure that has cured fear and different forms of blindness so far. This cure should be able to cure everything, because it is activated by a blue light and is sent in via DNA. One small poke and you have a new program running in your mind. Okay, before you freak out this is still in labs and hasn’t touched humans. They’ve only been working on it for 11 years, so they have a way to go. My question is “do you want to be cured?” as a human being we grow accustomed to our abilities and disabilities which in some cases are more of an ability then disabled ability. The video that I’ve linked to shows this entire process and what they are striving to do. Yeah, you may say I am old fashioned or maybe I am too much of a computer programmer to ever want this as a cure. I wouldn’t want my aspergers gone, because if gives me the ability to think the way I do, yeah I hate being too literal, but I wouldn’t listen to all the voices of the wind without it. I have sensitive hearing, if your next door in your house with an open window near me I may hear your conversation… Funny story about that subject. I understand computers better then people, because I can control computers and with my understanding of programming and this tested cure in rats is that I’d have the ability to reprogram anyone who had such an implant. I have high morals, so I wouldn’t, but very few people have as high of morals as I do.

So answer me this— would you want to be cured of almost any and all disability via this “medicine” or not?? Hope to see comments!

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