Aspergers emotionless about death

So why am I writing a post about death? Death is normal and everyone cries and grieves, right? Well, no you aren’t right. Aspergers syndrome makes emotions hard to express, even if you do have emotions over something that other people do. Star trek Klingons always say when someone dies “they’re just a shell now do what you want.” while people on and off the spectrum may call me heartless, I feel the same way. I do miss the person that died and if it was someone close to me it rips me up inside and I’ll cry, but funerals, well, what purpose do they serve?? I see no purpose. It is as if they’re designed to make people even more sad. Do you think the person that died would want you crying? No, they’d be trying to comfort you, well most likely. Death is something that I don’t know how to process nor do other people on the spectrum that I’ve talked too about this subject. people put emotions around death like I should’ve done this and that And all of the rituals like funerals, I just can’t process them. the IF factor is illogical, because time travel while currently feasible and could be done pretty easily is illegal, at least in the united states. The aspie way of handling death is to honor the person who died and do what they most likely would want you to do. Funerals probably come from early times like B.C. I believe that we should update our approach to this subject. I’d love insight from anyone on the topic of death and how you deal with it, especially if you’re on the spectrum!!!

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3 thoughts on “Aspergers emotionless about death

  1. I think a lot of people have complex, contradictory and often baffling responses to death and the process of grief means that you may feel an array of emotions, or no emotions at different times. I think for me personally I had a strong sense that my dad’s body was no longer him so it didn’t upset me whereas other small things would jog memory and emotion intensely.

  2. j.mortis says:

    I feel emotionaless most of the time but I make the logical emotional response/reaction to spare their feeling so they can shut up and leave me alone so they don’t find me rude and hit me for unjust cause but for the only reason the closest thing I feel to any emotions is when I am in a fight (hitting and punching and all that) or when I am in pain and lots of it.

    • I don’t know who is hitting you, but it is best to not let a bully win. It is best to try and communicate with family, because they will learn over time — they may not learn a lot, but they’ll learn.

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