Aspergers eating issues

So, your aspie hates eating or eats way too much of everything? This has to do with autism, believe it or not. I have this problem, when I was younger I didn’t have that built in clock to tell you when you are full. I had to design my own clock, by my parents telling me when I was suppose to be full and stopping before eating six giant bowls of fruit salad, my entire dinner and then puking everything up cause I didn’t know I was full. This is a normal part of aspergers, well for those who don’t know when they’re full. The ones who don’t know when they’re hungry, well that’s not good either. I now don’t know when I am hungry, because I trained myself too well to know when I am full. Yeah, reverse reaction. This is normal for anyone with aspergers, high functioning autism, and possibly pure autism. Tell me about your eating habits or your aspies eating habits. If your neurotypical, well this article doesn’t fit you.

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4 thoughts on “Aspergers eating issues

  1. tlc says:

    I have a girlfriend that’s son has been diagnosed with asperger’s just this past year. I have noticed that this child can’t stop eating if food is out. We had a gathering that was big enough to have me make 8 bags of popcorn and watching him he ate at least half or more of it. I don’t mind about the food but I would like to approach this with my friend as they have pointed out that going to New Years had to be cut short as he was feeling ill but they do not watch his intake at all or seam to be concerned. I’m looking for help on how to broach this subject with them. Do you have any ideas???

  2. Pat says:

    My son is going to be 8yrs. old in a few weeks, he was diagnosed with A.S. at about 4yrs. old. I still have to stand over him to help him eat, it can take at least two hours. I try to have him help me write out the grocery list so I can make him whatever he wants, it still hasn’t helped. He is on special “shakes” for the calorie intake and still he is 44 pounds, not growing in about the past two years, when he should on average be at least 60 pounds and double the height. His energy level is through the roof, he NEVER sits still and I’m basically freaking out. The doctors just want more blood tests when they they have tested this poor kid for everything already! Is there anything that I am missing that would help, I’ll do anything to help my boy. Maybe there’s something I haven’t thought of? Any suggestions?

    • While I am not a doctor, I do have Aspergers. I wish there was something I could say to help you. My only suggestion is to go to a developmental pediatrician, if you haven’t already been to one.

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