Autism violent violence behaviors

Yeah, I have PDD NOS, but I don’t have violent behavior, I am on the high end of the spectrum. Those on the lower end of the spectrum are way more violent. I help with kids with pure autism, and I’ve been hit, punched, kicked, pinched, spit on, etc. But I don’t mind cause I understand this behavior and know it isnt meant hostile like if a normal person attacked you, its their way of self expression.
The worst experience I’ve had so far is the foot incident, when you’re able to hear and feel your foot kinda crunching, well, you’re screaming in immense pain. While I rarely feel pain, this level of pain was so high I lost my normal composure. I had to go to the emergency room and get my foot x-rayed. I was in shock when the dr said it wasn’t broken. My foot is starting to get back to normal, since this happened half a week ago. Am I mad? No. This is part of autism, but the world isn’t accepting of this and neither am I when my foots being crushed by someone who weighs almost the same as me, but I understand it and forgave the kid for their behavior. It is important in our society to learn to control your behavior. Some never learn this, which is very sad. When you have a form of autism and you’re Hurt by someone else with autism, well you expect it… Except it hurts really badly.

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One thought on “Autism violent violence behaviors

  1. alienhippy says:

    I think violent behaviour in Autism comes with not knowing or not understanding. I know as a child I would lash out at those closest to me. I never understood back then but know I really do feel that it all comes down to feeling misunderstood and misunderstanding everything and everyone around us.
    Great post.
    Love and hugs. xx 🙂

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