Aspergers and talking to customers

I am called a genius 3-4 times a week. I don’t agree with societies outlook on me, but who am I to disagree, since they just argue with me when I do?

I am an entrepreneur. Last night I counted how many jobs I have and it came out to 7. That isn’t counting what I do inside each job, those are all separate jobs. In one of my jobs I have to update customers on the progress of the work I am doing. That is scary. What if they get mad and scream at you? Well, I have a mentor, who has been my mentor for 5 years who forced me to make this call, because it is one of his clients and he put his neck out on the line for me. I love communicating via email, but once a client is mad it is best to speak to them in person or via the phone. In person is the best, so I am told. I had been trying to explain why I did things the way I did to a customer via email and they got mad, so my mentor role played what their responses would be like and what to say. That’s right, role playing in business. My mentor knows I have aspergers that’s why we role played. I did amazingly well in the role play excercise and my mentor didn’t go easy on me, he threw me curveballs that he knows I usually reply incorrectly too. The next day I called the customer and left a voice mail. The day after that the customer called me back. Everything went great!! I did better then I did in the role play. I explained how much work I did, everything I’ve done, what they need to do to help theirselves, I went over things I believe are simple for a long time, but stayed nice and polite the entire time. No condescending tone, I did great. Yes, my mentor worked on this with me for 5 days before the true test, but he also taught me how to understand a joke which took six months, so he is very patient. Now I have to keep my client up to date weekly via voice or in person. I feel awkward about that, but not nearly as much as I did before. I can do it!! I deal with several customers, and I am always scared before first audio contact, but everything always goes well. Don’t let your aspergers interfere with your destiny. You have to deal with people, even though you fear talking to customers not knowing how they’ll react. You gotta fight your own mind and take life by the reins and just do it, but I highly suggest role playing with a mentor.

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