Aspergers and the telephone curse

The telephone invented by Mr. Bell was meant to help people communicate. He didn’t realize that he was creating a huge problem for those with social needs. He did do us a favor, we can communicate without seeing each other, but this also created a problem.. WE CAN’T SEE EACH OTHER. We don’t know what the other persons facial expressions look like, if they’re mad, happy, sad, you’ve probably heard the saying “the path to hell is paved with good intentions.” I hope that more people will use visual phones like Skype or face time, sadly very few do.

I was trying to make plans on the phone today with a really good friend who is also on the spectrum. We had the hardest time coordinating plans for a time to meet. It took eight minutes and was very hard. When we can see each other everything is great. I hope more people will integrate to visual communication.

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