Aspergers the fear of voice mail

Are you scared of Voice Mails? There’re scary! You don’t know WHO will listen to what you say, you can’t predict they’re emotions to your remarks. You don’t know if they’ll know what you’re talking about or if they’ll return your call. You’re speaking to an empty void waiting for someone to listen to their void box & hope they reply the way you want. You also don’t know how many people have access to that voicemail. Their boss might yell at them or fire them for something you say. Voicemails are scary. Do you fear voicemail boxes? Is there a Latin phobia name for that? Let me know.

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9 thoughts on “Aspergers the fear of voice mail

  1. Alienhippy says:

    I hate voice mail, I always have!
    My daughter’s music teacher has one of the old fashion answer machines that everyone can here. When I am waiting for my girl to finish her lesson I can here people leaving messages. So when I have to leave one I practise before phoning because I don’t know who is listening…hehe.
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx 🙂

    • I always rehearse before calling. The worst is when I’ve rehearsed to talk to someone and I get their voicemail!!

      • nathan says:

        I usually try the opposite: I rehearse speaking to the machine and then I don’t know what to say when a person answers. I’ve tried rehearsing both but I often get the two confused when I’m speaking.

      • Yeah, it catches me off guard when someone answers, I usually say ” I was expecting your voicemail” pause while thinking quickly and then start over. When someone asks if I’d like to leave a voicemail I say ” I don’t like talking to empty hard drive space.” and then they take a note after laughing at my odd wording.

  2. dustin says:

    Exactly! I never leave voicemails and I just tell people it is something i don’t do.

  3. semaj says:

    Perhaps its a waste of time, but I only loathe leaving a voicemail because 100% of the ones I leave are never listened to. Does that qualify as an Asperger? It’s more hate than fear, I suppose.

  4. Aki-Chan says:

    I freeze up at the mere idea of leaving voicemails. Sure, I can engage in conversations and talk a lot when fired up, but usually this is with people I am utterly comfortable with, and even in that scenario I am a quiet person in most circumstances. I just can’t handle spontaneous monologue-like talking. And if it’s to a person I don’t know….leaving voicemails is even worse. If I get a message telling me to call back a number and that number goes to voicemail I have this reflex reaction where I hang up. I’m similar with phone calls. Apart from in a tiny set of circumstances, I find it difficult, often stuttering, forgetting words and feeling like my throat close up. So generally speaking phone interactions leave ne in a tailspin. Not useful when you are a uni student considering work experience and suchlike.
    Does any of this resonate with your own experiences?

    • Yes it does. If I have spoken to the person and they work for a company I won’t leave a voicemail. If I am speaking to the owner and he reassures me that he is the only one who has authorization to access his voicemail, then I feel quite less nervous.

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