Aspergers and emotions– emotions Are flaws

Aspergers and emotions… Wow, something I write about a lot. This post is different. It explains how aspergers is actually better, because emotions do not impair our decisions as much. I am not heartless, I am logical. My definition of emotions: “to feel for someone or something”,”to try and help that person or creature”. There is at least four flaws in emotions with those definitions alone. Can you see them? Didn’t think so. I feel bad for people and put out a helping hand, but feel that most take advantage of me, so have stopped doing this or am extra cautious and check with others before doing this. The exception to this rule is aspies, those with hfa, and dogs. We don’t show much emotion, so there isn’t much that can go wrong. When we do show emotion to each other, we are as understanding as our minds will let us and try to support the other person.

Normal people will go out of there way to help people and for what? To be treated like dirt? When an NT reaches out to help someone it usually seems illogical because it is based on emotions. Emotions cloud your head of logical judgement. I am not sure why people let emotions affect their judgement and do illogical things, but they do. Now if I saw someone in the way of a car and I was able to
Calculate the trajectory and speed of the car to the time to reach the person, I’d do it in a heart beat. It only takes a millisecond for me to do the above equation in my head. People don’t appear to do these calculations and when they succeed their heroes, when they don’t no one remembers them. While you may want to do a knee jerk reaction due to emotions, you need to think out the following (a chance of saving the person. Actually that equation is the only one that’s important. If you have a chance to
Save someone, even if you did the calculations in a split second, as long as they’ll work do it!! If you’re calculations come up that there is no way you could save someone listen to your logical side and get someone else more capable to help.

Emotions are yet another cause for bad relationships, the person keeps thinking the relationship will get better, but statistically and in reality it won’t!! The person should logically know it won’t. If a relationship is really bad and it isn’t improving, well you’ve got a problem. So why do people stay in this type of relationship? Because emotions are flawed. The practical solution is to give an ultimatum like I had to do once “will you stop cheating on me and make it just us?” yeah, I should’ve dumped the cellular composed creature, but I didn’t have a chance, they dumped me first. It was logical to tell them that I knew what they were doing and to stop it, although with no emotions I would’ve just dumped the person and in hindsight that wouldve been the right thing to do in that scenario, but even with aspergers you try to approach others emotions with care and give the person a chance. Well, I do anyways. I am not sure why I give emotions a chance sometimes, but it just seems like the right thing to do, that and my parents have grilled me on emotions and when to give people chances, etcetera. For my entire life. There are few people that have earned my emotions without the whole calculation system which takes years. How I decide who gets my emotional loyalty, well it is a logic based decision, but too complex for a hundred blog posts. Let me know what you think of this blog post.

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