Aspergers in boys is common, rare in girls

Okay, so you may or may not know this, but more boys are on the autistic spectrum more then girls. Why is it this way? Well, the male mind is different than the female mind, so the female mind may be more immune to aspergers syndrome. Girls with aspergers are rare and hard to find. I’ve met 8 girls on the autistic spectrum and as far as I know all of them are high functioning autism or autism not aspergers.

Why do more Boys have aspergers syndrome than girls? Well, I already went into this a little, but the female mind seems to be more developed evolutionary wise than the males mind. Girls think two seconds faster then boys. Girls show more emotions and seem to be psychic knowing how people will reply to things. My friend ms. Smith will say something and a week later it’ll come true. My mom will say something and it always comes true or always was. Girls are less thick-headed than men. All of these factors makes me believe that girls can have the autism gene, but it is more dormant than it is in boys, because boys are more likely to have the non dormant gene.

Girls on the spectrum are cool. One of my very good friends is on the spectrum and is a girl who thinks more logically than any boy I’ve met on the spectrum. I am learning how to adapt my mind to these nuances she sees that I am starting to see.

Girls on the spectrum aren’t always smarter, I know this from experience going back into High School.

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2 thoughts on “Aspergers in boys is common, rare in girls

  1. Tara says:

    I’m a girl with Asperger’s, and I don’t think there are less girls out there with it.
    I think we know better how to hide it, but it’s still there.
    Plus, I think the way it features in us makes it more difficult for others to recognize as Asperger’s.

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