Hypnotizing aspergers via self suggestion hypnosis– jury’s still out

I’ve written several articles in the past on how hypnosis doesn’t work for people with aspergers syndrome and high functioning autism. I now have to make a correction; not a retraction. Hypno wheels have still failed to hypnotize my Asperger/ persuasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified mind. A hypnosis told me it is really hard to hypnotize people with aspergers and high functioning autism, because that area in our brain is off. Last night I tried a different type of hypnosis. Self suggestive hypnosis.

I am on a medication that makes me an insomniac & I don’t like it, so I downloaded this free hypnosis app from iTunes as a “hah! Like this will ever work on an aspie!” I was asleep in 15 minutes. Although after using this program for awhile, I realize it does NOT work the same way on an aspie. My beloved shihtzu woke me up @ 1 barking & I tried using the program to go back to sleep. I tried it 5 times. It didn’t work. So maybe If you are really tired and want to go to sleep it will help you by guiding you through steps that lead to this, although I wanted to go to sleep & it didn’t work. I do not wake up when the hypnosis says to wake up nor do I reply to his affirmations or subliminal messages, I think they’re funny. As I previously stated before I updated this post My body did not reply to what the gentleman said until two minutes afterwards, a delayed reaction. Why did it work? Well, I really wanted to go to sleep before midnight for once, so i was more apt to listen to his suggestions and this hypnotist has 1001 tricks, way better than someone doing a presentation at a fair. I was able to hear what you’re not supposed to hear in this hypnosis program– him saying things he said two minutes ago behind what he was currently saying. Thanks autistic mind for the ability to hear everything said. He continually repeated what he said over and over in different sections. It If you want to see If this app will help You give it a try. It has helped me several times, i just don’t have the responses i am supposed to http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/relax-sleep-well-by-glenn/id412690467?mt=8
Just because I am saying give this app a try, does not mean you should try it. In no way am I responsible for any adverse affects from this app, like seizures. Yes, I had a very short non harmful seizure while using this application, but since I have these types of seizures sometimes several times a day, it wasn’t really a problem.

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