Aspergers fear of failure– a myth?

I’ve been reading about aspergers and our fear of failure. It is a news flash to me that those with aspergers are more afraid of failure than those who are normal. Sure, we have our mindset in what we do well in. Branching out is hard for some, but not for all!! My friends go to college and yeah we’ve discussed fear of failing a test or public speaking— I don’t fear public speaking. sure we may have anxiety attacks, but we prepare on how to deal with it or get extra help, but that means we fear failure? No, we face everything head on with more plans then those who are normal plan. I don’t know if you plan or rehearse what you’re going to do, but a lot of us do. I refuse to speak about those with aspergers as a whole since that is flawed, I am only speaking about those who I know and personal experiences. You can’t say everyone reacts the same way. It is predigous to say someone with aspergers does ___ because that is stereotypical and sometimes it breaches to neurological predigousisim.
I am getting off topic. To succeed you usually fail. If you never fail, then succeeding doesn’t feel nearly as good when you do. So, yeah, doing new stuff can be scary, but I do it, my friends do it, but it helps to have friends supporting you… Although I am fueled by people telling me I will fail at something, because I so want to prove them wrong and I usually do!!

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4 thoughts on “Aspergers fear of failure– a myth?

  1. Jenny says:

    I enjoyed reading your blogs today.I read them all. I have an aspie daughter at home and some of your observations are so spot-on to her behavior. I now have a better undersanding of what she could be feeling, since she doesn’t verbalize it as well as you. It’s reassuring to know others who have been through what she is going through or what is to come for her. Thank you for the insight. I look forward to read more.

    • I am glad my blog helps people!! It is scary changing things, but it helps if you do it the logical way. Flowchart everything, the changes you want to make, how you will make those changes, which ones are top
      Priority, etc. I like to be 100 percent honest. I am pdd NOS. Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified. This is in the autism spectrum and will not even exist as soon as the dsm 5 is released. People call me an aspie, i relate the best to aspies, but I am technically not pure aspie.

  2. blueskygirl says:

    I am a parent of a adorable little five year old girl who was recently diagnosed with PDD-NOS. I found your website after I typed in “aspergers and fear of failure” on yahoo after a 30 minute meltdown she had today when she didn’t make a soccer goal. She was crying and running away from me. I went to her and she’d run the other way. I tried ignoring and that didn’t help either. When she ran away from me at one point, I went to her to talk and while I was, I heard a man yell, “It’s called a spanking…USE IT!” Of course he was not looking at me in the eyes when he yelled that.

    Normally, she gets upset if she doesn’t live up to her standards, but it’s never been this bad before. It was so hard to see, and I’m ashamed to admit it, but when I finally got her into the car (had to carry her, and she’s a very tall girl for 5 yrs old) I started crying. I just felt helpless. I think her hating to fail is just her personality…but her reaction to it is a part of her diagnosis. Any thoughts on this? By the way, the Neuropsych who tested her said that she has symptoms of Aspergers, but does not fully meet the criteria, which is why she was diagnosed PDD-NOS. She lacks one obsessive interest.

    • Failure is unacceptable to our minds. While failure is part of life, we don’t want to fail. If I get below an A I flip. This is common throughout all of us. It is as if you’ve let everyone down, but even worse… You failed. FAILED! Something that you can’t process, because failure isn’t an option. That’s what I always say. I am very careful not to fail.

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