Aspergers shyness and reclusive behavior

So your kid with aspergers shows signs of shyness? Okay, well have you ever considered why they might be shy? I’ll let you in on something. It can be very hard to find the correct words to say what you mean. It is hard to appropriately express what you mean with the correct nouns, verbs, etc. So instead of making a fool out of theirselves theyre quiet and watch, or get angry because they can’t say what they’re trying so hard to say. Using the exact word is very important to a literal mind. My friends and I get into six syllable words, just so there isn’t a misunderstanding; however sometimes we still misunderstand each other. Yes, we even know the meanings to these words. I read the dictionary for fun. I went through so much speech therapy, heck I just recently stopped speech therapy, but it helped my aspergers or PDD NOS speech issues a ton!! I went to speech therapy for over a decade! I still get frustrated when I try to say something but can’t convey what I want to say in a matter that makes sense to the average neurotypical mind. Speaking to new people can be scary or so I’ve heard. I can’t tell you why it is scary from firsthand experience, but I imagine it has to do not knowing how the person will reply. Will there reply be negative? What will they say? What will I say back? So many questions and variables as to what could happen it is easier to not try to talk to new people. I am very outgoing, although my friends sometimes challenge me to talk to a room of people that I’ve known for years and haven’t said a word to more then 98 percent of them. So, in some areas I am outgoing. If you seem smart, I am bound to talk to you, but if I’ve analyzed you and you joke a lot, I will avoid talking to you, because I am still learning jokes. If you don’t seem smart, well, I don’t know what to say because even really smart people don’t understand half of what I am talking about sometimes. I am usually talking about algorithms, trivia, philosophy, theoretical physics, time travel and how it is currently feasible; but illegal due to radiation and no safe way has been devised as of yet to contain a synthetic wormhole. That’s just a few things I talk about.

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