Aspergers loving rules and structure

I am in college right now & loving it. I have Aspergers Syndrome and my current professor is super blunt, literal, & to the point. We have no need of worrying about breaking a rule, he has made sure we understand the rules after reading his 8 page syllabi, answering 16 questions on the syllabi as our first piece of homework and then a two hour orientation on his syllabi, I got to say I like this professor & plan on taking another class with him. Most people don’t like this professor, but that is becaue there mind isn’t wired like an autistic mind. He is very focused, blunt, and straight forward. I put doing the homework and orientation before each other, cause my professor started class a week and a half early online, giving us who watch the calendar a chance of getting everything done early.

I’ve been in college for awhile and wish every teacher was as well structured as the one above. It really puts your asperger mind at ease, because There is no room for errors, and if you think you’ll make an error ask him, ask, ask, ask is his motto. Makes me wonder if he has aspergers. Most people hate well structured teachers, but they don’t have Aspergers Syndrome. They don’t have the mindset that runs on structure, thinks in structure, and is lost without structure. Think about your kid that has Aspergers Syndrome or High Functioning Autism. Do you have structure with your rules as a parent that are as well set up as my professors? Kids shouldn’t have to write 16 questions on what the structure is, but since very few homes have a syllabus on the structure and what is to be expected by each party, there will be a lot of questions in ones head at home. Now, don’t get me wrong, If you run your home on a structure make sure it is well set, but give some leniency, as too much structure can drive us crazy. We strive for it, but like freedom of somewhat unstructured structure.

I wonder if this post makes any sense and conveys what I am trying to say. You need rules and being firm on the rules, but have time where everything isn’t so contruled, I misspelled that on purpose. I guess parents are already like that, well the authoritative ones anyways, not the passive ones.
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